Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I’m sitting here on my porcelain throne staring at the last roll of toilet paper that sits on a wooden piece of furniture that Is used for storage in my bathroom. Many thoughts run through my mind about this roll of toilet paper. I feel so grateful for the invention of toilet paper and how this last roll,  that must last the next three days,  is responsible for the overwhelming gratitude that I'm feeling right now. Isn’t it interesting how when we have little of something we tend to appreciate it a lot more than when we have plenty of that same thing.

Another good example of gratitude when life becomes absent of something, at this time in my life, is the gratitude I have for my legs. I have not had a car for over a year now and I appreciate my legs for being the main mode of transport I have had since I put my car to rest. I also appreciate Uber for affordable Taxi service and my coworkers and family and friends for all helping me get from point A to point B at times. Oh, and a big thumbs up of gratitude to the Coast bus system. 

Now back to the last roll of toilet paper I have, that must last me three days. I then think about how can I make it last. Should I only use one sheet at a time? No, that never works. One sheet is not enough to get the job done.   I have heard of people using newspaper.  No, that wouldn’t work either, because I have no newspaper laying around the house.  I stopped reading the Newspaper years ago and what a rough wipe that would be.  I continue to think out this challenge in my mind and realize that I have these adult wet wipes made for this particular job, they are infused with a peppermint essence. This will get me from Tuesday all the way through to Friday until I can purchase more of man's greatest invention, Toilet Paper!