Saturday, March 5, 2016

Winter 2016 ramblings 1

El'neno has ushered in one of the warmest winters that I can ever recall in my memory. I have experienced a day here or there with temperatures raising in the 40's or 50's in mid February, but I can not recall 60's almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit . Some experts report that this is a combination effect of El'neno and global warming, others have disagreed with the Global Warming aspect. For me it's just another day in New England, with the weather always throwing a wrench in the cog of predictability. I enjoyed the few days we were near 70 degrees. The warmth from the sun was a nice reprieve from winters bitter cold thrashing. My heating bill is smaller and I wear less layers around the house during the evening chill. The days that get to me the most are the cloudy winter days, were the temperature hovers just around the freezing point, with the freezing rain and whaling winds rush into your bones. Those are the days I don't want to get out of bed on a winter morning. My bones feel like icicles that could shatter. Those days feel colder to me than a dry sunny day when the thermometer reads only in the single digits.

The political shenanigans of the 2016 presidential race is at an all time high negative, bashing ascent.
Forcing every citizen in the nation to choose between candidates that either have loads of their own money funding their campaigns or are very extreme in their platforms on how to run the country. We need extreme campaign finance Reform and we need a multiple party system that excludes the electoral collage and allows only the peoples vote to manifest the final decisions on who our elected body of government will be. We don't want more deceitful games that stretch the truth, wealthy money that fund political defamation of character slaughter houses and old family generational line candidates bogging down the system to line their own pockets that watch out only for their own interests. While we are at it throw in term limits for our senators and representatives and do away with attaching amendments to bills, amendments that have nothing to do with the particular bill they are being attached too. Then just maybe we will have a government that is doing it's job for the people.

From the desk of Nor'Easter Magick wishing all my readers a continued safe and peaceful winter.