Monday, March 9, 2015


This winter 2014/2015 has been exhausting. Trying to keep up with the shoveling, making sure every night when the temperature drops in the teens or below that my home is warm enough to prevent the pipes from freezing (they froze anyway) and being mindful (even more so) that I am cautious on the roads while driving are just a few of the things I have had to focus more of my energy on this winter. I have experienced less sleep from waking up earlier in the mornings so that I can shovel my driveway and get to work on time. I even decided to drop out of my classes for this semester because I missed too many due to snow days. This brings me to a poem I wrote about the enveloping winter and not knowing if I could withstand much more of the icy grip it has on my existence. The poem is called “Winter’s Precipice”.

Winter’s precipice

                                                            Written by Jasper Salach
                                                         Copyright: February 25, 2015 

I stand at winter’s precipice.

Bone chilling winds keep me from falling
over the edge.
You don’t understand!
I want to fall,
to the bottom.
It’s not my concern to know what awaits me.
I’m too cold to care.
over and over again,
making accidental mountains
out of snow.
My muscles are exhausted
I have done this
too many times.
I am done!
I plead with the Gods;
Stop the snow and ice.
will my body stop
If I plunge to the floor of the chasm
at winter’s precipice
will the shivering stop?
Make it stop!
The bitter numbing winds
keep me prisoner
at winters precipice.
Snowflakes now cover
my entire body.
I forget what warmth feels like.
the winds stop.
I can Jump!
I really can jump!
So I leap
off of winters precipice,
cascading downward
fast and furious,
like a snow ball
hurled in a fight,
into Spring.