Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I’m sitting here on my porcelain throne staring at the last roll of toilet paper that sits on a wooden piece of furniture that Is used for storage in my bathroom. Many thoughts run through my mind about this roll of toilet paper. I feel so grateful for the invention of toilet paper and how this last roll,  that must last the next three days,  is responsible for the overwhelming gratitude that I'm feeling right now. Isn’t it interesting how when we have little of something we tend to appreciate it a lot more than when we have plenty of that same thing.

Another good example of gratitude when life becomes absent of something, at this time in my life, is the gratitude I have for my legs. I have not had a car for over a year now and I appreciate my legs for being the main mode of transport I have had since I put my car to rest. I also appreciate Uber for affordable Taxi service and my coworkers and family and friends for all helping me get from point A to point B at times. Oh, and a big thumbs up of gratitude to the Coast bus system. 

Now back to the last roll of toilet paper I have, that must last me three days. I then think about how can I make it last. Should I only use one sheet at a time? No, that never works. One sheet is not enough to get the job done.   I have heard of people using newspaper.  No, that wouldn’t work either, because I have no newspaper laying around the house.  I stopped reading the Newspaper years ago and what a rough wipe that would be.  I continue to think out this challenge in my mind and realize that I have these adult wet wipes made for this particular job, they are infused with a peppermint essence. This will get me from Tuesday all the way through to Friday until I can purchase more of man's greatest invention, Toilet Paper!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Winter 2016 ramblings 1

El'neno has ushered in one of the warmest winters that I can ever recall in my memory. I have experienced a day here or there with temperatures raising in the 40's or 50's in mid February, but I can not recall 60's almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit . Some experts report that this is a combination effect of El'neno and global warming, others have disagreed with the Global Warming aspect. For me it's just another day in New England, with the weather always throwing a wrench in the cog of predictability. I enjoyed the few days we were near 70 degrees. The warmth from the sun was a nice reprieve from winters bitter cold thrashing. My heating bill is smaller and I wear less layers around the house during the evening chill. The days that get to me the most are the cloudy winter days, were the temperature hovers just around the freezing point, with the freezing rain and whaling winds rush into your bones. Those are the days I don't want to get out of bed on a winter morning. My bones feel like icicles that could shatter. Those days feel colder to me than a dry sunny day when the thermometer reads only in the single digits.

The political shenanigans of the 2016 presidential race is at an all time high negative, bashing ascent.
Forcing every citizen in the nation to choose between candidates that either have loads of their own money funding their campaigns or are very extreme in their platforms on how to run the country. We need extreme campaign finance Reform and we need a multiple party system that excludes the electoral collage and allows only the peoples vote to manifest the final decisions on who our elected body of government will be. We don't want more deceitful games that stretch the truth, wealthy money that fund political defamation of character slaughter houses and old family generational line candidates bogging down the system to line their own pockets that watch out only for their own interests. While we are at it throw in term limits for our senators and representatives and do away with attaching amendments to bills, amendments that have nothing to do with the particular bill they are being attached too. Then just maybe we will have a government that is doing it's job for the people.

From the desk of Nor'Easter Magick wishing all my readers a continued safe and peaceful winter.

Monday, March 9, 2015


This winter 2014/2015 has been exhausting. Trying to keep up with the shoveling, making sure every night when the temperature drops in the teens or below that my home is warm enough to prevent the pipes from freezing (they froze anyway) and being mindful (even more so) that I am cautious on the roads while driving are just a few of the things I have had to focus more of my energy on this winter. I have experienced less sleep from waking up earlier in the mornings so that I can shovel my driveway and get to work on time. I even decided to drop out of my classes for this semester because I missed too many due to snow days. This brings me to a poem I wrote about the enveloping winter and not knowing if I could withstand much more of the icy grip it has on my existence. The poem is called “Winter’s Precipice”.

Winter’s precipice

                                                            Written by Jasper Salach
                                                         Copyright: February 25, 2015 

I stand at winter’s precipice.

Bone chilling winds keep me from falling
over the edge.
You don’t understand!
I want to fall,
to the bottom.
It’s not my concern to know what awaits me.
I’m too cold to care.
over and over again,
making accidental mountains
out of snow.
My muscles are exhausted
I have done this
too many times.
I am done!
I plead with the Gods;
Stop the snow and ice.
will my body stop
If I plunge to the floor of the chasm
at winter’s precipice
will the shivering stop?
Make it stop!
The bitter numbing winds
keep me prisoner
at winters precipice.
Snowflakes now cover
my entire body.
I forget what warmth feels like.
the winds stop.
I can Jump!
I really can jump!
So I leap
off of winters precipice,
cascading downward
fast and furious,
like a snow ball
hurled in a fight,
into Spring.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Nor'easter Magick Episode One, August 10, 2013. 

Music File Hosting - Download Audio - Noreaster Magick E1

Total Time 2 hours and 24 Minutes.










3:52 Song  1                Many Trees


For The Asking

5:27  Song 2               Breathe Deeply

Elaine Silver

The Lady of the Lake





Life In New England


Song 3


(To The 

Canon In D)

Robert Gass & On Wings 

Of Song


2:49 Song 4               Love Chant

Barbara Whitney

 Live In Joy





Jasper’s Magickal Kitchen


2:35  Song 4    Bless Our Planet


The Ancient Ones

8:53 Song 5       Deep Peace







Community Outreach


   Song 6
The Power 
Of My Purpose

Anthony Burbridge

The Great Awakening

  Song 7
 The Great Awakening

Anthony Burbridge

The Great Awakening







5:57  Song 8           The Sun 

The Rose

Damh The Bard

Spirit of Albion


Suicide Prevention


5:19 Song 9                   Believe

Jenna Greene


More Credits and links to come of the artists that I played in Nor'easter Magick's  Episode One.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013



The background piano pieces that were used for the Barbara Mata Interview were made available by the Musical Artist Andrea Carri, who worked through the Creative Commons Principal to share music. These Two Pieces were found at the Free Music Archive "Linked Below"

Creative Commons

Welcome to the Free Music Archive (Beta)

Moments Of Life (Andrea Carri) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Sunshine After Rain (Andrea Carri) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Barbara Mata Newspaper Article 

Written By: Rob Levey

For local artist and New Hampshire Art Association member Barbara Mata, art is not just a finished product, it represents a window into her soul. “My art is an extension of my being, an intricate part of who I am and what I am,”
she said. “Without it, I would be empty, void, and suffering.”

For Mata, though, it is in fact these darker themes in life that help to inspire her, although she balances her interest in such concepts with a healthy sense of humor, especially when it comes to defining what matters most to her in life. “My family who lets me be me without contempt or scorn,” she said. “My art, which lets me be me—and, of course, breakfast buffets, chicken wings, and wine.”

Mata said a bottle of white wine also makes her laugh, too, but offered one caveat. “It’s funny only after I drink it, of course,” she said with a smile.

As for what inspires her art, she said while the Seacoast has inspired her to love and appreciate nature, she draws her inspiration from a more abstract source. “Once I heard an art teacher say there are two types of painters—observational painters and cerebral painters,” she explained. “I am a cerebral painter.  Sounds impressive huh?  Well, all it means is my paintings are created from my brain and not from looking at something.”

Understandably, Mata acknowledged her art is “very abstract and getting more abstract.”

“I would like my art to evoke emotion in people even if that emotion is internally experienced and not externally voiced,” she said. “My art is abstract and reveals itself to each person as a different face to be analyzed, recognized, and appreciated. Hopefully, these people will purchase my work—or at least smile.”

As for her artistic process itself, Mata said the easy part is getting started. “I start by deciding what type of painting I want to do,” she said. “Will it be on stretched canvas with layers of paint applied with palette knives, or on un-stretched canvas with paper tape and scraped paint, or perhaps a collage?”

She said the answer to these questions is important, because she generally works in a series of three to five paintings and needs to be sure she has enough supplies on hand before starting. Citing her next decision is what colors to use, she acknowledged the next phase of her process as “maddening.”

“It’s the time between the beginning of the painting and the end of the painting where my subconscious struggles to focus on one visual experience—just one,” she said. “There are hundreds, thousands of subconscious visual experiences in my brain all fighting for their place on my canvas.”

“Well, maybe not thousands since I do have a short term memory problem,” she added.

She said she eventually figures it out with the end of the painting generally culminating in a sudden, “It’s done,” feeling.”

When not painting, Mata said she loves kayaking and watching creatures in the water basking in the sun—all of which serve as a stark contrast to her childhood in Philadelphia. “Being raised in the city, I learned to love the smell of bus fumes and the sounds of honking horns and the helicopters overhead searching for fugitives,” she said. “There was little wildlife except at the zoo, or stuffed and sitting in storefronts.”

In living on the Seacoast, however, Mata said she began to realize all life begins and ends in nature. “All the colors, patterns and textures we proudly display are from nature,” she said. “It's peaceful here. Life should be peaceful and chaotic 
at the same time—like nature.”

Mata said she exemplifies her belief in the beauty of chaos by creating new recipes that use local produce. “I have a notebook on my kitchen counter where I write down each new recipe,” she said. “The book is not written in order, though. A page is randomly opened and the recipe is added and dated, so a recipe on one page may be dated from 2009 and on the next page would be a 2013 entry.”

As for her future plans, Mata said she wants to create art, as she also currently runs the kitchen at Cross Roads House, a homeless shelter in Portsmouth. She said she is also looking forward to having a cane.

“A wooden one with a really cool glass handle would be nice,” she smiled. “Maybe I should start designing one.”

For those interested in seeing Mata’s work, call her at 
(603) 793-9932.